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Can I use my PEP Vision coverage towards my PEP Optical purchase?
Yes. If you are a PEP Vision member, you can use your material allowance toward the purchase of your glasses and/or contact lenses.
What if my contact lens brand isn’t listed online?
If your contact lenses aren’t listed on our site, you may be prescribed a private label or generic brand name. Contact our customer service to see if your contact lenses are available by brand name.
What if I do not have PEP Vision coverage?
Not a problem! You can still enjoy the benefits of our great selection of glasses and contact lenses at amazing prices when you purchase from PEP Optical.
Is a valid prescription needed to order?
Yes. If you don’t have a copy of your prescription you can provide your eye care provider’s information and we’ll get it from them.
Are the contact lenses the same as what I would get at my doctor’s office?
Yes! All of our contact lenses are obtained through authorized distributors or from the manufacturers themselves.
Can I use my glasses prescription to order contacts?
Sorry – no. Glasses prescriptions are different than contact lens prescriptions and cannot be used to order contact lenses.
How can I get my lenses more quickly?
We offer free ground shipping. We also have expedited shipping methods that can be applied to your order at checkout for an additional charge.
Can I get a different brand of lenses than what’s written on my prescription?
No. Since contact lenses are considered a medical device, we’re only allowed to dispense the brand(s) prescribed. You’ll have to speak to your eye care provider about trying different lenses.
What is a PD measurement and how do I know what mine is?
Your PD, or pupillary distance, is the distance between the center of your eyes. You can measure yours by yourself or with some help from a friend. If you’ve ordered glasses from your doctor before, they should have your PD on file.
Why should I buy from PEP Optical?
Well, we could go on and on, but here are just a few reasons: we offer exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, free shipping on everything, easy returns & exchanges, and so much more!